About us

What does Trattoria il Trullo mean?

The name of our restaurant/trattoria was crystal clear form the start:

TRATTORIA = Italian for a smaller, local restaurant.
IL TRULLO = Trullo house. The ”Trullo” houses , that are only to be found in Apulia in southern Italy, are old houses where the people lived. They are often 1000 years old and are really a landmark for Apulia.

That means ’a local little restauarant with food from Apulia, Southern Italy’  

They are often spread out, but there is one particular town, Alberobello, that is only consisting of these trullo-houses. Alberobello is not only one of Italys most different towns, but also one of the most different in the world.


The trullo houses are ancient and cylindrical small houses made out of stone. In Alberobello they are semidetached in long rows along the narrow streets in the town. Above the whitewashed walls the big conical roofs are rising in greyblack stone.


The interior consists of one room, with a conical ceiling. Around the room there can be severak smaller rooms which you can access through arc-formed openings. One cone on the roof = one room underneath.


The thick stone walls keeps the houses warm during the winter and fresh and cool during the hot summer.
Tourism is gaining rapidly in Apulia, partly because of these special and different houses, that are also very popular to rent as a holiday homes.